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BIOLOGY Blueprint of Life

Within this product is the complete notes of the second module of the HSC Course, as well as a condensed version, examples page and relevant HSC Questions dated between 2001-2017 (in chronological order). 

The complete notes consist of detailing what is required by every syllabus dot point. These notes can be repetitve and contain more information than what is required at HSC level, however they do provide sufficient context and additional info to each respective dot point which can make the learning process much simpler. The condensed notes encapsulates every important piece of information within the complete notes, and is considerably refined, making last second cramming of informaton easier to do. Additionally, the examples page provides any relevant example for the module (other examples can be used however these ones were simple and required less information to use within responses). Finally, the HSC questions were aquired by scouring through each paper and assigning the questions to their relevant module. These questions are not every single Biology question that has been in the HSC however answering all of them sufficiently will prove an immense knowledge of the module. 

As a buying bonus, there are other documents relevant to the module that can aid the understanding for the student. The most original document for Blueprint of Life is a table detailing every scientist's contribution to evolution and genetics that is within the HSC Course.

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