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Write A Story Called 'Sports Day' (7-11 years)

Write A Story Called 'Sports Day' (Likes And Dislikes Writing Prompts) 7-11 years

Firstly, the child should write a letter inviting their parents to watch their school sports day. Next, they are asked to write the story of their sports day. The child should read the example 'Sports Day' and then use the prompts to write their own version.

This series provides prompts to encourage children to write. It provides starting points, to encourage even the most reluctant writers. Presented in a lively 'magazine style' format, these packs feature stories and non fiction texts to read. They include follow up activities that will inspire even the most reluctant writer, to write stories, letters, play scripts, diaries, poems, persuasive leaflets and more. More than this, the child will learn writing techniques including: simple, compound and complex sentences - connectives, grammar tips - harder vocabulary and punctuation.

Aimed at 7-11 year olds, these work packs provide excellent writing practice for those children preparing to take exams. They will also benefit children with special needs, or where English is a second language.

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